The whole point is, whether the student understands why he needs the knowledge or not.After all, if a guy or girl just learning to get a good mark, or to satisfy the desire of parents who want their child to look all round excellent student, such knowledge will not do them any good and promising for the future.

How many times it has been observed that the students who did not have any negative marks in the future just could not apply their knowledge in practice, they have accumulated for many years.Conversely, students who did not have amazing results in educational institutions, became very successful in life by acquiring wealth and status in society.So what's the secret?Really truly the assumption that the best students do not suc

ceed in life because they are only good performers, and the once hopeless students receiving a satisfactory score, become excellent leaders, politicians and business owners?Yes and no.

thing is that you need to learn well.A good student, of course, means by itself to be an excellent student, that is great to learn.But we must understand and be aware of what is needed.If the student or the student learns only to replenish its good ratings, it does not study as "excellent" and the collection of numbers.Undoubtedly, the evaluation may serve as an incentive, but no more.After study and education created to people to determine who he wants to be, and how to earn a living, I have learned to do it.Pledge of good study - is of interest to her.

standouts can call that are fun to learn new things, who wants to learn more in the future.He is not only a good student, but in life to achieve great success.And forcibly cram a subject that is uninteresting, it is not necessary.After all the information is not to be assimilated in the future it is profitable.Therefore it can be concluded that in order to become an excellent student, you need to:

  • Understand the importance and the benefits that can bring the subjects taught.

  • Do not force yourself forced to learn this or that subject.If there is no interest in it, so bad it was presented, and therefore need to ask someone to tell it in a new way.

  • When absolutely no desire to learn anything, and it is necessary, you can imagine what a joy and benefit of this study will result in the future.

  • And in the end, do not be upset if the estimates were obtained below the desired, because it can always be corrected.