Tip 1: Why mathematics

always occur in the world events and phenomena that are hardly illogical and subordinates whatever laws or orders.Some of these events is subject to mathematical laws, which are among the driving forces of human progress and civilization.

Largely due math civilization has become what it is today: a developed, high-tech, educated and wealthy.Mathematical Sciences will help to develop a civilization in all its aspects, ranging from clothing and household items, and ending with the conquest of space.

Mathematics - an exact science, that does not tolerate mistakes.It is this trait of her mathematical laws form the basis of all inventions, starting with primitive as levers and pendulums to supercomputers.

The output in mathematics and the laws are objective laws and applicable in all other areas of human knowledge.It relies on the laws of physics, chemistry, geography, geology, and many other areas of scientific knowledge, which is simply impossible to do without mathematics.

used in mathematics for
mulaic language is clear to all scholars dedicated to it, regardless of nationality, religion and language.Thanks to him, new discoveries and evidence in the world of mathematics are known as soon as possible.

Mathematics as a science founded on the basis of various mathematical models, whose main task is to show the real events and phenomena.It follows the main goal of mathematics and the practical side of it - the development of models that could adequately explain the phenomenon under investigation or object.

One of the foundations of mathematical knowledge is the use of language numbers for all modeled objects.The number of mathematics like the letter in the alphabet, without it anywhere.Is the international language of numbers understandable to every educated person.

mathematical knowledge allows a person to quickly and correctly identify the relationship in place around the events, do literacy and, most importantly, it is more logical and also to have a constructive approach in dealing with various issues.A man who knows the math, can be called an educated and logical.

Tip 2: Why is mathematics for elementary school

Many people think that the study of mathematics in school can be minimized.Why so difficult to master science, when there is a calculator with multiple functions?Especially because sometimes it is difficult for.But even Lomonosov pointed out that mathematics tidies mind.It also develops the child's thinking, logic, analizatorskie ability, trains memory and attention.
Why is mathematics for elementary school

In primary school lay the foundation of mathematical knowledge of the child.But today, unfortunately, teachers and school methodologists devote very little attention to the content of the course.Type of teaching math in elementary school was formed 50-60 years ago.It reflects a system of pedagogical, psychological and mathematical attitudes of the time.

Often parents and teachers of children ask the question, What is mathematics in elementary school?First, mathematics develops and shapes the child's thinking.The study of this science allows us to see how one event in the world is connected with the other.It will help to learn how to establish causal relationships.

Secondly, mathematics contributes to the development of the creative potential of the child.It would seem, what's the connection?But this exact science contributes to acquaintance of children with methodical work, without which one can not imagine any creative process.

Third, teaches math to find not only simple, but creative ways out of any situation.Acting on a template can anyone.But it is necessary to change some of the conditions in the problem, as some immediately lost, not knowing what to do next.This situation is typical not only for mathematical tasks, but also in life.The ability to compare facts, finding the familiar formula and apply them in the most unexpected situations - these are the ability to develop the study of mathematics in school.

That math classes in elementary school child to explain what form and size, as much as possible to navigate in space, how to approach a given task.These classes help kids learn how to think and develop their intelligence, learn to use logical and spatial and geometrical thinking.Mathematics have to be one of the elements in a child's upbringing.