you need
  • - Certificate of Secondary Education;
  • - certificate of completion of the CSE.
Find out where your nearest school, which trains specialists-jewelers.One of the most famous schools of a similar structure - a school of Tsarskoye Selo artistic processing of metals in the Kostroma region.
receive initial training in drawing.This can help you study in children's art school or private lessons with teachers, artists.Also, you may need preparatory courses at the chosen school.They are short - 2 weeks, and long-term - 9 months.Education paid for them, but there is a plus - nonresident applicants have graduated from high school, can get a place in a hostel.
Prepare necessary documents for admission.I
f you go to school after the 11th grade, you'll have to submit the results of the exam on the Russian language and literature.Also attach a medical certificate to the documents, passport photos of the sample, or the General Certificate of Secondary Education, as well as 3-4 sample paintings.
In approving your candidacy hand over entrance examinations.These include such artistic disciplines such as drawing, painting and composition.Graduates of grade 9 additionally take tests in Russian language and literature.
In the case of a positive assessment on the exam, but the lack of points received on the training on a contract basis.
If you already have an art education, accelerated learning go goldsmith.Usually it is also organized on the basis of schools.This training is carried out only on a commercial basis, and takes a year.