you need
  • - choral circle;
  • - computer Note Worthy Composer and Guitar Pro:
  • - tutorial solfeggio;
  • - a virtual piano keyboard or a synthesizer;
  • - player with musical notes.
Decide what repertoire would you like to perform.Choral music can be both spiritual and secular.Some bands sing and then, and more, but always give preference to a single direction.From choosing your repertoire dependent on further steps.If you prefer spiritual music - contact your nearest temple.In many parishes there are amateur choirs.Even if there is such a group in your church, you'll be sure to tell you where he is.And in any case, it is to
worship you can listen to music.If you are more interested in secular works, go to the nearby House of Culture.
In any case, the studies needed to prepare a little bit.If you have never studied the notes - will start with them.Modern technical capabilities permit.Download, for example, Note Worthy Composer and Guitar Instructor.They not only give an idea of ​​where one or another written note, but also the sound of what it corresponds.Very well, if you have a piano or synthesizer.
study the musical notation, start with durations.Remember how to write a whole note, half, quarter, and the rest.Read what are the dimensions and what each number written at the beginning of a musical line.Take the tutorial solfeggio and prostuchite prohlopali or some exercise.
Learn the location of notes on the stave in treble clef.If you have a low voice, learn and bass clef - it is possible that your party is written in it.Learn how to relate each note with a certain sound.These programs will give you an idea, and keys.Knowledge of the basic harmonic constructions significantly accelerate learning and singing in the choir .Learn musical notation and can be parallel with the singing lessons.Some choirs and taught ear training.If you want to sing in the choir Orthodox , learn to read in Church Slavonic.Study says - frets Orthodox church singing.
Get plenty of singing for himself.Pick recording of familiar songs and sing along performers.Listen carefully to the melody join in the right place and finish at the same time singing with the singer.This will help you to quickly learn how to relate their voice with the voices of the other members of the choir.