most important thing - a broad vocabulary.Where did he come from?First, parents need to read books to children, and then teach children to independent reading.After all, the books teach the child competent construction proposals.More you can use the following exercise.Encourage your child to draw her story, and then to read the pictures.In the process of drawing, the child relates his living images of specific items and better assimilate their meaning.You can show your child a series of ready-made pictures to tell him a story that describes the picture and then ask them to paraphrase the pictures, what happened there.
However, keep in mind a great little dictionary.We must learn
to use it, or the good of it will not be enough, as from this dictionary, which is not the case on the shelf.An excellent exercise for the development of the associative links between the different words will be a game "edible-inedible."The options it can be set.For older children will be interesting modification of the game, where at catching a ball should be called an association with a driving player will make come true the word (apple - red ball - jumpy, and so on).
Teach your child to express his thoughts aloud.Give him the job to determine the usual things.For example, "What is sausage?".
Learn to understand the hidden meaning of phrases.Our Russian proverbs and sayings are not just for beauty witty.They all have a hidden meaning.Tell proverb and ask how a child thinks about it.