Before the performance in the open lesson, you should think in advance the course of studies and draw up a detailed written plan.Consider the topic of the lesson.It should be new, that is not previously discussed in class.Pick methodical and educational literature.The detailed plan should include the opening speech of the teacher, the explanation of a new material, and the discussion of this lesson topics quests.It is desirable to include in the lesson plan FizKult minute for primary school children.
If you have the necessary equipment (computer, projector and interactive whiteboard), prepare a prese
ntation or pick up developing a cartoon, the corresponding lesson.You can also use an interactive whiteboard instead of the usual board for visual explanation of educational material.
Before the open lesson in advance to the teacher's desk lay the necessary training material and schedule classes.You may also need didactic material to explain the new theme.If you prepared a presentation or a cartoon show, then turn on the computer beforehand.Make room for the organization of the commission, which will be present in the classroom.
At the beginning of the lesson gave the opening speech to the participants of the commission.Briefly tell us about the purpose of the lesson and exercises.Then go to the main part of the lesson, explain new material, show a presentation or educational cartoon.Then ask the children about the issues that have arisen in the course of explaining the new material.Give students small tasks on the subject and passed Provide the necessary assistance in the difficulties encountered.
In the end of the session made a brief conclusions on the subject and passed the lesson.Listen to the views of the committee members and answer the questions you asked.Try to behave confidently, even if part of the lesson having a little difficulty or hesitation.Thanked the Commission for advice and presence in class.