book edited by one or more of the authors of monographs are used quite often, without passes and one study, after a student should be based on already developed the methodology and conclusions.Such a source is made as follows: Author.Book title.- City .: Issue year.- Number of pages.
Textbook author.Name."Tutorial".- City .: Issue year.- Number of pages.
article from a periodical printed publication Wherever was taken article (magazine, newspaper), it will be described as follows: Author.Title of the article // Title of publication.- Year.- Issue number.- Pages, which published the article.
Collected papers This benefit applies in the case of, for example, review of the
opinions of various researchers on a particular issue.Making the following: The name of the seminar or conference.Dates.City edition., Year.Number of pages.
Theses Application theses in writing research in many universities even encouraged, because they have practical value and can reveal the views of young researchers.Author.Title: The thesis for the degree of candidate (humanitarian) sciences / university name.City., Year.
electronic sources They are increasingly ranked among the list of literature, because in the Internet you can find a lot of theses, books, articles, and other benefits that help to develop a theme study course or research work.Electronic sources are described as follows: Author.Name // complete address of the page (last visit).The address should be copied from the page where the article is located, rather than from the home page of the resource.
archival and other documents execution of documents should be done with the description of its attributes: type and accessories document name, date of adoption, number, source.Specify the kind of document, it may be the law, order, decree and so on.The name is written in quotes.After the point is put the date of the adoption of the document and its serial number (the date of the law made in accordance with the date of signing by the President, not the adoption of the State Duma).Archival documents are described with the name, the output of the names of the speakers.This also fits the data that indicated for books and periodicals.