development of imagination in the game

RPG games allow to develop imagination, becauseinvolve certain actions by the participant, the relevant specific image that he tries over and he must comply.Theatrical performances, concerts and other shows also awaken the imagination and stimulate the imagination.

development of imagination in fantasy

typical: "If ..." - effective exercise for the development of imagination.For a while you need to be reincarnated as a researcher and putting forward hypotheses, try to find the answers.For example: "If Europe began to speak in Russian, it would be ..." Then - turn on the thought process.The benefits of such exercises is huge, because imagination is moving away from the standard solutions and seeking new forms.

creative activity develops imagination

can read fiction and give free rein to the imagination, visualizing landscapes and images described in the product.Unfortunately, many readers feel boring and long descriptions leaf through these pages.

stimulates the imagination of creative activity.It may be associated with the writing of poetry, short stories, novels, journalism, painting, sculpture, etc.

Geography improves imagination

Paradoxically sound, but the study of geography stimulate thought processes and improving the work of the imagination.This requires maps for which the user will make a detailed itinerary of the upcoming trip and go on a fascinating journey.Mentally.

Life experience

Imagination develops with the acquisition of experience in the process of acquiring that person is faced with different people, situations, assessing their actions and repeatedly putting himself in their place.At the Supervisory human imagination development is rapid.