Decide the theme of the course and its purpose.The student should know exactly what it is he has to write.If you find it difficult to formulate precisely the topic, contact the supervisor.
Be prepared to work systematically.Even the purely theoretical work is not written in the course of one night.The work is intended for the entire school year, and save it in the most extreme period of extremely unsafe.Teacher, will likely follow the progress of the exchange rate, and to provide him with certain parts will need to be within a few months after the announcement of the theme.
Study sources.Work on the course of the economy treatment involves, at least, to the works of 10 authors, among which should be the traditional point of view, and the most advanced id
Organize work.Any exchange rate should have a certain part of the associated logic of scientific presentation.This is usually an introduction, main part, conclusion, bibliography, appendix.The structure of the main part, as a rule, includes a theoretical chapter that reflects scientific positions on this issue, and the practical part of showing your personal achievements.
As part of the course on economic subjects can be the third part - the project.In this case, you will need to write a business plan, description of any firm or build some economic forecasts.To do this, follow the business news and actively interested in all events related to this area.
Apply for a job in accordance with the requirements of your institution.There are government standards for design work, but in every university usually has its own characteristics that need to be clarified.
Make a bibliography.Even if you just turned to two sources, you specify a list of 10-15 works on the subject.
Prepare job to protect.Speak with a teacher of the main points of your speech, make a presentation, specify findings and be prepared to answer questions.