First of all you must remember that the address in the UK, US and many other English-speaking countries is not written as in Russia, and vice versa.First there is the house number or the recipient's apartment, where he lives in an apartment, then the street name, then the name of the village, the staff (if any), and country code.It is important to specify the address, if you send a parcel by courier or mail.
Suppose we specify the destination address without any problems, and the courier service or mail will not experience difficulties in sending our letter.But where should come the answer?Address Russia is logi
cal to write as well as in English-speaking countries, ievice versa.Pointing the apartment number, it should be added "apt."(from apartment), or "flat", that its number is not confused with the number of the house.Accordingly, it is worth pointing and office number - add the "office".Shells of houses and buildings is usually referred to as "bld."(of the building).
or e-mail is customary to begin with the treatment, even if you're in an unfamiliar company or public body.Applications in English are very formalized.

If the recipient - your counterparty whose position is located approximately at the same level as yours, it is polite to appeal on behalf of.For instance, Brian dear.Formal treatment always begins with the word dear, after handling a comma and the following text is a new line with a capital letter.

If the recipient is at a high position, or if it is significantly older than you in age, it is customary to treat dear Ms / Mr Smith.As a rule, now appeal to all women is better to start from Ms regardless of age and marital status.

Title dear Sir or Madame allowed if the first time you write in any organization, and do not know anyone there.
Then it all depends on what you want to write a letter.Rules exist for business letters - they must be brief and formal, but in general English business letters essentially no different from the Russian.Check

formal letter best regards better phrase, or simply regards, followed by your name, or the name, position and company name, if it's a business letter.E-mail to friends and acquaintances more suitable yours sincerely.This rule applies to any letters, as usual, and electronic.