In bookshops you can find a great variety of colorful literature, promising to introduce your child to the mysterious world of letters and to teach him to read by syllables.But opening such books and leafing through the pages, you feel a disappointment.On the first pages of the authors of a letter, though beautiful, and then there is a proposal to lay down these letters in syllables.That's all.But as the child learn to read by syllables?

  1. First of all, you need to be patient parents.Every free minute game devote occupation with the child.Ask him to repeat after you all sorts of sounds, depicts him with a locomotive whistle or cackle of geese, the lowing o
    f a cow or a sheep bleating.Parents here enough room for creative imagination.

  2. Turning to the study of letters, remember one valuable advice.Child does not learn from the letters "GM", "En" and so on.Teach your toddler to say "M", "N".Why is that?As your little one will understand the connection of letters "MC" and "A" syllable "MA".But the letters "M" and "A" it was easier to be present together.

  3. For a child will be the easiest way to learn the game syllables-merger.To do this you just have to say a lot of syllables.Gradually, the child learns to find you called syllable words.And then through the game the child himself will find style, painted on the card and his utter confidence.

All learning takes place through play.You can play music in the game: ask your child to sing a song to help the two letters that have recently met.Ask your kid to bring to the machine blocks: CA, CS, KE.Play with your child can be anywhere, it will eventually be to memorize the syllables, and then learn to read by syllables.

more difficult to have the study of inverse syllables.We need to warn a child reading the wrong syllables and specify the differences in reading the syllables, consisting of some letters: MA-AM, AR-RA, HA-NA PA-PA and so on.

Children who do not remember the syllables, and see them as a letter, a very long time can not come to the syllabic reading, reading the words that later does not increase the speed of reading a long time in school.