Front laboratory work conducted with all students at the same time.Organization of work, the teacher provides the theoretical direction, helping him (in the inspection, preparation and distribution of equipment, supervising the security of the etc.) laboratory.Prior to the work of teachers in compulsory introduces students to the safety instructions when performing this work, laboratory collects in a special personal signatures of students.
Then the teacher gives a theoretical basis for practical work: together with the students, the necessary formulas are derived, study guide in the book
, stipulates the procedures for carrying out the work, and students completing accounting documentation (tables, calculations, observations).This stage should take the form of dialogue, in order to pinpoint students with the algorithm performance by comparing it with the effectiveness of the theory of the subject.
main part of laboratory work - studying direct execution of practical tasks.It is important that students do their own observations, calculations, measurements, only then they will create a complete picture of the subject-matter of the world.Teacher and assistant at this stage is to maneuver between the students' desks to control action and has visually assess practical skills and application of theoretical knowledge of students, correcting action, answering questions from the students.