Since some inventor James Vickery introduced the world to "the effect of the frame 25" in the minds of many people formed the view that there are easy ways to learn a lot of new, useful and interesting.According to the known description, this "effect" is focused on the subconscious and is the result of a simple fact.

known that the film in a film projector moves with the speed of 24 frames, which gives the effect of a continuous dynamic.If you insert the 25th frame any image, a word, a call to action, they will affect the person does not even suspect a trick.

used to be that a great way to hidden advertising, and currently has convinced people who are ready to give any pruning is not too desired part of the body that the method works in the study of foreign languages.

Debunking myths

To get started is to
bring a little of the facts of the foundations of cinema and television.The picture in the film projector is formed by promoting the film at a speed of 24 frames per second.In a slightly different effect of television.The image on the television screen, computer monitor, or even on a cell phone is formed by the so-called horizontal when several rays "shell" screen, passing through it at high speed.

For people a little bit familiar with the 25th frame, should already be clear that on a regular TV or monitor screen is simply impossible (!) Use this effect in the absence of any kind was training.All that programmers can make is to create some semblance of this effect, but not complete.That is, any positive result in this case can not be obtained.For those who are still not convinced, there are other facts.

tests and test

Tests today have become classics, 25th frame were held in several theaters in the early sixties of the last century.According to the study, the subjects showed "inserted" picture serving soda drink a certain brand.After the show, it was noted that people like this brand and was very thirsty.

These encouraging data would please the marketing geniuses, if ... were not rigged. ... This has admitted he "inventor" after a number of controlled trials have failed to achieve the desired effect.It turned out that he had forged the information received, and the method was simple, "coined from the ceiling."

Thus, even without going into the technical details of the "personnel and scans," it is safe to say that the effect of 25th frame does not exist, as was originally just a fiction.Although it does not interfere with the method to be banned in several countries.