you need
  • bucket, rags, water, cleaners, rubber gloves
Take buckets, wet cloth.One of the responsibilities of duty class is to prepare the class for the next school day.It is necessary to wipe the dust off the furniture (cabinets, desks, teacher's desk).Also, wipe the board.
well squeeze the cloth to do divorces.Wipe the dust off windowsills.If you can not scrub some mud cloth with water, use baking soda or detergent.However, remember that many cleaning products can be harmful to your health, so use rubber gloves.
Pour flowers.The training classes , tend to have indoor plants.And who is not on duty must take care of them.It usually ta
kes one cup of a flower.However, watered them, especially in cold weather, you need every day.Check with your teacher, how often you need to water the flowers in the classroom.
If your class teacher - a teacher of biology, you're in luck.Flowers, of course, will have to be watered several times more, but you will learn how to care for many plants.
accustom to order.You have to prepare a lesson before class.So if you ran out of chalk, I bring a new one.Also, soak the cloth before the lesson, because some teachers might be dissatisfied with the lack of wet rags.Sometimes it may even lead them into a frenzy, and then it is a bad mood can affect the assessment of pupils.
a mop in hand.Not all classes floor wash cleaners.In some schools it decided to clean duty disciples.So buy with the money class mop and do every day after school, wet cleaning, and floor as well.You can also connect here cleaners or even sodu.Chtoby floor was too dirty, the attendants must ensure that all students wear a removable shoes.
Do not forget to ventilate.Each variable must be ventilated classrooms, even in the cold winter.Fresh air fills the room with oxygen, and this, in turn, helps students to think better.