Of course, much depends on your mood and desire.If you know how to set goals and work purposefully to achieve them, it will be easier to achieve good results in their studies.Fascinated by any area of ​​human knowledge is always striving to obtain new information.He is able to learn not by compulsion, but by choice.If you are interested in, such as mathematics or physics, do not refuse to participate in competitions, readings and conferences.Read more reference books, attend clubs and additional classes on the subject of interest to you.Fascinated by the person always gets good results in their studies.
Learn to manage your time.Of course, you need to rest and meet friends.But we must also learn to deal with laziness, it i
s no secret that many young people are happy to go to the disco, but are reluctant to take on the textbook.Divide your time so that immediately after school to be able to relax.But let it be a law that fail to fulfill the home lesson, going to friends or club canceled.Then you definitely time to start the course.

Be aware that it is better to perform the most difficult tasks first and last to leave, for example, the study of the oral subjects.
In case of difficulty do not seek a clue to another, do not write off homework.It is better to read additional reference books.The next time you will easily cope with such a task.
homework is done in good faith, because it helps you fix and repeat learned during the lesson material.Do not consider it a waste of time.
strictly follow the daily routine.Write down what needs to be done during the day, it helps you manage to implement all planned.
aware that in today's society, among young people, can not be underachieving.On your desire to be as good, and perhaps better than others in the class also depends on the learning outcomes, because Losers be ashamed.