First of all you should understand that the translation of any text - work which can perform a person with relevant qualifications, usually for a fee.In this regard, to make a translation of the English text for free you can either themselves or using the help of your relatives or friends who know English at a level sufficient for the transfer, and are willing to do it free of charge.Ask around friends of students, English language learners, for their practice of translation - a good experience, so they are often willing to translate the texts free of charge.The quality of the translation will then be lower than that of an experienced translator, but you can always edit the already translated text.
Passing the English text translator, agree with the terms and conditions of the job, which he proposed.Remember that people will translate for free, so never place tight deadlines, better try to motivate him to perform the task.Find a person who is interested in the topic of the translated text.For example, for a student of a technical college will be useful to translate technical English text (instructions, patent, a description of the device, etc.).If you need a translation urgently, the best option - to put it on their own.
to translate any text in English into Russian, you need a knowledge of grammar rules in both languages, as well as program-translator and online dictionary, if the hand is a computer connected to the Internet.In this case you must enter a word or a text in English in a special window, then it will give you the translation of words.In some cases, for example when translating complex texts certain subjects (legal, technical, medical, etc.) should use special dictionaries of terms, or look for a translation of each term or terminology group on the Internet.Try not to translate the text word for word, as the translation will seem artificial.Always pay attention to the context and use such phrases and expressions that are characteristic of this subject.