you need
  • matter of course work, a computer with Internet access.
To sell coursework work , we need a proper course work.Now there are many sites that specialize in resale papers.You can try to work with them, but, in my experience, most of them are ready to pay for the work of such ridiculous money, that this option is better not to consider, if you really want to earn extra money.
So the first step - finding a buyer
.Search advise customers on their own - on forums, through social networks, through a friend.You can sell your work students of the same faculty where you are studying.
How to sell coursework
When there is a potential buyer, you need to fight with him to discuss some of the details - whether there are any additional requirements of the teacher (layout, references and so on.), And if so, willwhether the student himself customize your work under the necessary requirements, or that you prefer yourself.If you care about the design falls on your shoulders, you should consider an increase in the cost of the work.
How to sell coursework
And finally, the most enjoyable stage - the transfer of work and receiving money.I have to say, some enterprising geek the senior students and young professionals get a good living during a session sell their works and writing new ones.
How to sell coursework