Even as the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, at a meeting of the State Council proposed that the school journals and electronic journals.It was assumed that the paper form of reference of these documents will not be canceled, and their electronic versions will be conducted in parallel.

Such a measure, according to Dmitry Medvedev, including training and should contribute to the computer literacy of teachers.Today a connection to broadband Internet in Russian schools has become a standard.There are no obstacles to ensure that the same standards also make a mandatory maintenance of internal school documents.

Since 2012, the plans of the President and the Ministry of Education and Science to i
mplement, electronic diaries have become widely implemented in schools.Regions of the country are moving to a new system of organizing data.Accumulating experience with the electronic system, address the identified shortcomings.

Electronic diary schoolboy - a system for interaction between students, teachers, parents and the administration of educational institutions.With it, parents can monitor their child's academic performance, check the schedule of classes, track absenteeism, and marks.Now you can also find out in advance about the time of the parents' meeting.It's enough to subscribe to the proper sms-service.

for school system is convenient because you can at any time specify the timetable and the specified home study material.If you wish, you can view statistics of their ratings and their rating for any given period.For the teacher

electronic diary - a fast and convenient way to communicate with the parents of students.Will this form and in the preparation of reports on progress in the classroom.In some cases, the blog allows for electronic testing of students, even in the absence of them in school for legitimate reasons.Without a doubt, it will need a certain time that the system is fully integrated into the educational process.Over time, the electronic diary will go into the general workflow Russian schools.