you need
  • a premise;
  • business plan activities;
  • -Information stands.
Decide on location.Classes in prodlenki should not interfere with the basic educational process.And so you must clearly understand the overall schedule of the educational institution to enter into a work plan for the group day care.Ideally, you need to for this group was a separate room, which is decorated in a certain style, reflecting the children's activities here.Cabinet must comply with sanitary-epidemiological norms - it is light, the size and ventilation.Also consider the organization of group day care, and overall occupancy acts or school gyms.It is necessary to ensure that you are together with their pupils can
smoothly arrange their extracurricular activities there.
Remember that the group day care children are gaining upon written request of the parents.However, consider the fact that it can not accommodate so many people.As a rule, the number of children in prodlenki varies within the same class, ie,25.More, according to experts, it is no longer appropriate.
Observe another very important condition for the organization of group day care - is an experienced and professional staff of teachers who will work with children.As a rule, work in prodlenki recruit staff of teachers and heads of the various groups and sections of the school in which children learn.
also in the preparation of extended-day groups to work do not forget about the preparation of menus and catering services.As a rule, children prodlenki hot meal organized twice.
also take care about the design of your room, which is a group.Be sure there should be comfortable to perform the children's homework.In addition, the ideal option would be to design the walls or work stands pupils.For example, if children are engaged in the circle of Fine Arts, it is advisable to put their work on display.On the stand you can post information about the achievements of pupils, and plan upcoming events.You can also draw and stand for the parents.
Also, do not forget that the organization of group day care is necessary to develop a special program of outdoor games.After all, children have to walk, so exercise outdoors are part of the compulsory program prodlenki.