Undoubtedly, in takom difficult task, as the study is extremely important motivation.Knowing what you are learning, you will be easier to overcome laziness and to perform all the tasks on time.It does not matter that appears to you as the desired result - a well-deserved trip at the end of a semester or a successful career in the future.The main thing - is to remember why you can not donate time to practice for the benefit of the extra hours on the Internet.
you should make a comfortable and beautiful notebook or diary, which sh
ould not be lazy to write down all the tasks with commentaries.And there is a little trick - the neater you write, the greater will be your desire to carry out planned.Incredibly, it is arranged so strangely human brain.
Try to write the estimated time that you will spend on each task.And it needs to be specified with a margin of half an hour to avoid stress or panic when nevpisyvaniya planned in the framework of, for example, usually jams on the way home, or some problems with finding information.
And now for the most important and complex - implementation of the plan.So, you have painted, but can not start.First, you should do all the easiest job, and only then proceed to the complex.Why is that?In the event of serious difficulties and problems (and no student is immune from them, and it's quite normal!) You can lose a lot of time and did not even have time to do what they could.
Follow the most interesting job for you in the first place - so you'll always maintain a healthy enthusiasm and motivation for learning.Look at each item and hand the knowledge that you could use in your favorite business.
Prokastinatsiya - it's almost the most common problem students and pupils, which prevents them to take the work on time and even quite feasible to digest volumes of information.Behind this word lies nothing but as time wasted in front of the TV or the Internet.Constantly remind yourself that a couple of hours to update social networks, little will change, but doing all the important things, you can communicate with your friends and view photos with a light heart and how much time you want!
If you find it difficult to concentrate at home - for example, a few hours before the deadline most interesting occupation begins to seem cooking or cleaning, just bring a book or laptop and go to a nearby nice coffee house or (,no doubt, a little more preferable) specially equipped library.Such an atmosphere will help you concentrate better and get down to business.