the Internet you can find numerous tests to determine the level of English proficiency.You will need to test their skills in grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary.Some tests suggest checking all the skills in the complex.For example, a large number of such tests is presented on the website or, very interesting tests for knowledge of vocabulary and semantic guess, accompanied by pictures, offers
can also undergo such a test in school or English courses.They periodically organize open days where you will advise and give its recommendations to qualified English teachers.
next step - to understand the terminology, symbols of levels of language proficiency.If the test results according to your level basic, it means that y
ou have just started to learn the language and its practical use is still too early to say.
elementary level means you can understand simple inscriptions and share information with a foreign domestic issues.There are also the level of upper-elementary, which means that you own a minimum to communicate on a limited set of topics.
level pre-intemediate means ability to explain difficult situations, possession of vocabulary for everyday communication and knowledge of basic grammar.The average graduate school should have this level as a minimum.
intermediate level implies the ability to speak a foreign language correctly, watch movies and read books with a full understanding of the meaning, and moreover, to write texts on various subjects with virtually no errors.
level upper-intermediate means that you have a large vocabulary and excellent knowledge of grammar and the ability to communicate fluently in English.
last level, advanced, assumes command of the language at the level of the mother.To reach it, you must not only hard to learn the language, but also the duration of its use, for example, communicating with foreigners, living in an English speaking country or working as a translator.