you need
  • - conversation;
  • - dictionaries;
  • - audio and video recordings;
  • - free time.
Make Me timetable.It is best to select for the Italian 3 - 4 days a week, every day takes at least 1.5 hours.Education never get tired of you, if you change the form of training - one day learn words in another work with a phrase, in the third - with audio.It is very important not to give himself favors and strictly abide by the schedule.
Begin development of language phonetics, without it you can not explain, even if you know a lot of words.To do this, pick up literature, manuals or tutorials, which contains the transcription of words.Memorize all the rul
es of reading (in fact, not so much).
To replenish vocabulary, learn new words.Buy Russian-Italian and Italian-Russian Dictionary (indicating transcriptions) and try to remember new words.To facilitate memorization, picks up a foreign word consonant with Russian, and makes an associative phrase.For example, remember the word ARIA (air) can be, coined the phrase "when singing the aria, it is necessary to gain a lot of air" and for the words BURRO (oil) pick up the phrase "Burenka gives oil."
To earn the spoken language, buy a Russian-Italian phrase book, it identifies sustainable design language, the most common phrase, courteous treatment.
constantly hear background sound, at least 2 - 3 hours a day, listen to Italian language, includes music, TV, radio.First let you understand not all, try to get to the core, to seek the familiar words.Include Italian karaoke songs and sing along with the singer.See Italian films without translation, but with subtitles.
Read books in the original language , a desirable product that you know well in Russian.Write out the unfamiliar phrases and translate them using the dictionary.Gradually, these words and sentences will be less and less, and you will learn how to read in Italian fast enough.
Find a companion, for whom Italian - mother tongue.You can search the social networks or via Skype, perhaps he also would not mind to learn the Russian language.