you need
  • - Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary
  • - program Skype
  • - audiobooks in English
  • - adapted books in English
indispensable tool in the study of English language dictionary you will.At first it is only a small pocket dictionary, but over time you may need a more detailed dictionary of foreign words, synonyms and metaphors.
First of all, you should regularly read and translate with a dictionary at least one page of text.In order to maximize the learning process has been interesting is to choose books to your liking: fantasy novel, fairy tale, short humorous stories.But first is better to choose
an adapted version, otherwise the translation of phraseology and idioms can not be tormented one day.
Develop auditory perception of a foreign language.For this purpose, you must make it a rule every day to listen to audio books, fairy tales or audio stories in English.Play can be almost anywhere: on the way to work in the kitchen, while walking or cleaning the garage.Very good effect is listening to the familiar Read books on audio files in English.
Equally important is the conversation practice.Even if you are fluent in technology transfer, reading professional literature without a dictionary, English spoken language requires constant practice.Of course, I talk to myself quite interesting, so for speech practice, you can use any opportunity to talk in English.If you have a computer and the Internet you can help out Skype.By using Skype software, you can get acquainted with a native English speaker in America, Britain, Australia or Canada.You can communicate with anyone who shares your interest in marketing, knitting, gardening, dog, etc.Such communication will be useful not only to learn English but also interesting.This practice is similar to the speech is free and also the mutual pleasure of communication and good for learning English, it will not cost you or the other party did.
excellent result gives the practice of self-preparation of texts or poems in English.At first, your "pieces of music" can be ridiculously clumsy and meaningless, but every day stories, notes, or simply write about current events are becoming more meaningful, clear and even graceful.Write notes in the English language better, using a dictionary, memorizing and using a synonym in subsequent texts and metaphors.Attempts to express their thoughts in English is gradually gradually accustom you to think in a foreign language.And when you find yourself mentally expressed a phrase in English, you can rejoice: English successfully mastered!