define the purpose and understand what you want.Admission to the university is now guaranteed only in the successful completion of the Unified State Examination (USE) and getting a high score.Exam requires serious consideration and thorough preparation.Without making efforts your name in the lists of enrollments in higher education will not appear.
Make a plan for the preparation and follow only him.For admission to the university you have to pass the exam in three subjects.This Russian language, mathematics, and one to choose from, depending on the chosen specialty.Attend training courses.Use the help of school teachers and tutors.Independently proreshivayte tasks and exercises.Get to know all the rules of the exam, consider the mistakes of
predecessors and do not let ih.Poprosite help from parents.Minimize unimportant and non-urgent cases.Training should take as much time.
Be mentally prepared that go to college is difficult enough.Bring in proper tone of the nervous system."Morale" and energy will be your best assistant.Think only about the good, imagine himself a student of the university.You should not give in to anxiety.
Learn everything you can about your chosen university.See information on the Internet.Forums and social networks allow teachers to learn from the inside, with respect to students.You must navigate the departments and the specialties offered by the university.The more you learn, the better.If the university publishes its own newspaper, get her.It may reflect the actual problems at admission.Particularly useful for you may be stories undergraduates.Take a walk through the corridors of the university and ask your questions to students (for example, the passing score).