you need
  • - English textbooks;
  • - English grammar;
  • - books and magazines in English.
Select several suitable textbooks.Do not limit yourself to one course, even a perfect program can not give a complete picture of the language.Ideal combination of textbooks and manuals for foreigners compiled by Russian teachers.Do not forget about a single textbook on grammar: it must be studied in parallel with the conversational course.
not rely on short-term programs that promise to teach English easily and boring rote learning.No rote learning and multiple repetitions are inevitable.Proceed proven methods: write out new words and expressions on the sheets, carry and repeat at every opportunity.
Pay special attention to
the complexities of the English language - orthoepic system rigid circuit design proposals, study times.Move from the simple to the more complex.Be sure to attach the material: arrange verification work, write short stories on the subjects covered.
continued employment - the key to success.Daily learn at least a few new words, read and translate texts, listen to audio courses.Highlight on exercise at least an hour a day, then the year will be able to achieve great things.
Do not try to memorize the exact translation of each word.English is characterized by an abundance of verbs, nouns and prepositions, with a dozen values.Memorize whole sentences, little monologues, stable expression.It is important to grasp the meaning of a specific phrase, not the literal meaning of all components.
Watch movies in English.Best of all, if they have Russian subtitles: then be able to control the understanding of the text.Do not choose a tape with long monologues or movies where characters speak in slang.The best option - family comedy or detective with a predominance of action.
Read contemporary literature.Non-adapted classic novels hardly perceive even native speakers.The newest prose is full of actual words and constructions that will enrich the vocabulary.Do not interfere, and glossy magazines or tabloids, because they are written in easy language.
Whenever possible, communicate with native speakers of English.They are usually forgiving to mistakes foreigners.If you get in the UK or the US in the near future will not be able to register at the thematic forums.Nothing brings with companions like with the same interests.Discuss the news of cosmetics or aquarium fish, cars or travel.It's a great way to not only increase your vocabulary, but also train the written language.