Remember that the review - a genre of journalism and art criticism item.Write only on the product with which you are familiar person.Issue a review of the film that you have not even seen (and heard at friends reviews about it) - at least, unethical.
briefly describe the main output of the work.If you're writing a book - specify the author, book title, publisher and year of manufacture.If it's about the film or the play - do not forget to specify the name, along with the director and the date of the opening.
Analyze the originality and relevance of the considered work of art.Here, let us assume analysis of both subjects and artistic techniques used by the author of the work.Focus on successful creative findings and suggested that a new product brin
gs to the world culture.
List the positive aspects of the work.Analyzes not only the content but also the form of the composition features, the author's style.Keep in mind that the analysis - this is not a retelling and a thorough analysis of the work to confirm your suggestions.The objectivity of the review will depend not only on the skill of critical analysis, but also on your horizon.
List the negative side, point to the negative and controversial aspects of the work.Avoid the phrase "I do not like ..." better write as follows: "Doubt is the postulate of the author of ...ยป
Evaluate the product and, if appropriate, write a recommendation.It is important that this assessment was supported by critical analysis and arguments.In the review you bring not only your own attitude, but also are building a product image in the eyes of potential readers.