for translators of computer giants like PROMT in Italian is "exotic".This means that it is limited transferability to Russian sparse database dictionary.However, many users of translators do not even know that there are absolutely free online counterparts translators, installable on a computer, with large databases, and support for multiple languages.A powerful means of translation from Italian into Russian and back is an online-translator of Google Inc.- Google Translator.This is part of the search engine Google, its service, which is available here: .
You need to pass on this link in your browser and to prepare a document in Italian, breaking it into paragraphs or pages.In Google Trans
late to translate the text is best in small pieces, to load transfer was not too long and the process is not frozen.
When the site is fully loaded, click on the drop down menu "On Language" and select from a list of 63 available languages ​​Italian ex.In the next drop-down menu "On", select the Russian language.Once the language of the input and output are installed in a special box on the left side of the page, paste the text in Italian, copied from the document.Click "Translate" at the top of the page.If the speed of your Internet connection is high, the text will be translated instantly without pressing the "Translate".Translation result is displayed in the right part of the page on a gray background.
You can highlight words in the resulting translation of the mouse, to see and to use alternative values.Also in the box you can use the translation tool "Play" (a speaker icon) and "Transfer Rate" (A check mark).