The more interesting for you is a learning process, the sooner you'll get results.So to start, select the areas of English, which you would like to pull up your knowledge.Decide what form of training suits you best.
If you want to brush up on grammar and pronunciation, your best suit individual coaching.Staying alone with the teacher, you will be focused and quickly learned the right material.If you want to practice your conversational English, join a group of intensive language courses.
To quickly learn English, be sure to practice it daily.Watch movies in the original.Most modern players have a feature that allows you to disable Russian track and leave only the original sound.If you wish to simultaneously tigh
ten and grammar - download subtitles for the film.If you find an unfamiliar word, stop viewing and look it up in a dictionary.
Remember foreign words quickly and interesting and will help you to read books in English.Do not start with the tragedies of Shakespeare and poetry of Robert Burns.The first book should be your children's fairy tales.At first, even they may seem complex, but over time you will notice how easy it is given to you to read.You should not overlook the English-language press.This good habit will allow you to not only be aware of all the events taking place abroad, but also to understand the English language journalism.
Repetition - the mother of learning.Once you had a free minute - in transport on the way home, in turn, in a cafe waiting for friend - reach for notes and repeat memorized words.
Get in the habit every day to translate short passages of text.You are not only in a relatively short period of time Enrich your vocabulary, grammar and tighten.
If you have already achieved an average level of English, you can arrange for yourself a trip to England or the United States.This method should not be used for beginners as well as a sharp dip in the English-speaking world can frighten them, and they did not begin to chat.For the people who have a basic vocabulary, such travel is the fastest way to learn a foreign language.