Many people are aware of this and are trying to learn English, which is the most popular today, because I understand it almost anywhere in the world.But, whether you are trying to learn the language on their own, or enlisted the help of experts, in any case, the main problem that you will encounter will be the complexity of storing vast amounts of unfamiliar words.

It is clear that knowledge of vocabulary is essential when learning any language, but it was her study and is the main problem.Let's try to enumerate the basic rules and guidelines for the successful assimilation and memorization of English words, the completion of not only passive, but active vocabulary.

One of the most popular methods to learn English words - audiolingvistichesky.It is suitable for those people who have a well-developed auditory memor

y.The method is to learn the language through oral mastering of the English text.This is possible through listening to recordings, and by watching movies in English.The best option is just watching movies, as people more receptive material.At the initial stage it is best to watch movies with subtitles, first in Russian and then in English.Listening is good because that way you can learn a language at almost any time, for example, on the way to work, jogging, etc.

Another interesting method - keywords, authored by R. Atkinson.This method is based on the association.For example, we have the English word bread (bread).He is in tune with our word "bread".For example, if the house there is no bread, you have formed the association: bread-nonsense, no bread.Thus, it is necessary to prepare the associative array for a variety of words and actively replenish your vocabulary.

learn English word becomes a lot easier if you use this visual material, ie images.On the one hand, it sounds too simplistic, since small children are taught the language, but on the other hand, this method is very effective.

In any case, remember that no matter what method you choose, success will depend on your desire, persistence and perseverance.Only daily and hard work will lead to the desired result.