you need to decide on what specialty you want to learn, and to articulate the theme of the diploma.Next, choose the language in which you can get an education.Almost all the organizations that distribute grant expected to require applicants a good academic achievement and knowledge of the language of the country where you intend to get an education.Take care of it in advance.Find out what language tests will have to take to obtain a certificate, and start to pass them in advance.Regular exercise makes your dream of an attainable reality.
In many countries there are government and private foundations and organiza
tions that provide opportunities for young foreigners to study in universities in the country.Learn more about these organizations - where their branches, what demands they put forward for applicants, which are supervised by the field of science.Read the terms of the tender and start to collect all the documents that are required to participate.Not always accept documents in electronic form, so you need to send them in person, by courier or by mail, it is better in advance.Carefully follow all points of the instructions given by the organization.Students are usually required:
- application form, which can be downloaded from the website of the organization;
certified copy of the certificate or record book and, perhaps, their translation into the relevant foreign language;
- Letters of recommendation;
- Application in the form of a small essay in which you are justifying why you should get a grant .To ensure that your essay was convincing, write about your achievements and personal dignity, and clearly specify academic plans.Tell us what you expect to get knowledge and how you will use them for the benefit of their country.The big plus is the social activity of the applicant, so tell us about your social work at the university or the city.Graduate students must provide a copy of the diploma, certificate of work experience in the chosen specialty, a statement of research plans, a list of publications, an invitation to work at the foreign university and other documents, depending on the requirements of the program, as well as recommendations from the place of work and study.
If the selection committee will give you information as satisfactory, you will be invited for an interview.To interview went well in advance write the text of your speech and rehearse it several times.Speech should be as informative as possible, without too much water, but the proportion is appropriate humor will only benefit.Be attentive and friendly to the interviewers, build interview as a conversation-minded appeals to all members of the commission are not neglected by anyone.You may try to confuse - firmly defend its position, bring educated, informed arguments in its defense.Think about what questions you might be asked and prepare answers in advance.Pay attention to the appearance - it is better to do without shocking details.All documents the results of the interview language test are sent to the parent company.Be prepared for the fact that the competition can take several months.