First of all, it is necessary to learn some kind of "rulesĀ»:

  • In no case do not order a child any picture.Give it to decide, let draws whatever he wants.

  • not finish him incomplete or inaccurate in your view drawings.For the first time did not work well, and that you will only aggravate his failure.The child may be offended or even throw it up.

  • Never expose criticism of his work, it is better once again praise.Because children always draw the best of their ability, but heartily.

  • Do not teach a child to draw a particular image.Unleash his imagination, he does not kill it from him.It would be better if you teach him some techniques of dr
    awing on the basis of which it will "sculpt" their masterpieces.

Reception There are several.You can try finger-drawings - fingerprints.It gets pretty funny and interesting pictures.This method is suitable for the little ones.Then you can try to learn to draw a variety of forms.At this stage, the child can learn how to draw lines and other figures more clearly.Later, you can already learn drawing men, the most primitive objects or other simple shapes.

Teach your child to draw simple figures paints or colored pencils.This kind of painting is especially popular with the children.Give him the right choice of color and slightly adjust his choice.Initially acquaint him with the painting.Let learn to handle the brush or pencil.It is particularly important the first time to give your child do most anything he wants, and after quite some time to give some exercise in the choice of colors, possession of a brush, and so on. D. When a child learns to draw a clear subjects must be taught to draw their correct size relative to each other.

options on how to teach a child to draw, pretty much.From your parents need a little time and attention.Needless drawing from an early age has a great impact on the future of his creative personality.And most importantly, should not rush to the good results it is certainly not lead, otherwise it may just give it up.And who knows, maybe your child in the future will be able to become a great artist and create a truly brilliant masterpieces.