To write a scientific article correctly, you should adhere to the basic principles set out in the following paragraphs:

  1. article should reflect the development of scientific thought;

  2. all sections of the paper should have a feedback between them;

  3. should be a link to the article previously published on this subject;

  4. should track the presence of a clear logical structure in the layout of individual sections of a scientific article.

Write a scientific paper will advance built plan containing such mandatory sections: introduction, description of the methods used, a description of results, discussion an

d the main conclusions.To describe the research that resulted in the research, you will need well-decorated introduction, the main aim of which shall be communicated to the reader the main goals and objectives of the author.The main points that must accommodate a membership:

  1. essence of a scientific hypothesis;

  2. necessary background information;

  3. reasons that led to the start of the studies;

  4. Critical assessment work conducted previously on the subject;

  5. relevance of the topic;

  6. clear plan article.

Summary methodology for assessing the goals when working on the entry article is to analyze the following items:

  1. Maximum whether clearly described the main purpose of the study;

  2. presence of apparent contradictions in studies;

  3. degree of use of subject literature;

  4. relevance of the topic.

research methods should be natural, they have to answer all the questions that are related to research.All methods available should be described specifically and logically, to enable any scientists with adequate skills and equipment, according to the data to produce a similar experiment.The results should confirm or refute the hypothesis expressed in the introduction.This section may include graphs, drawings, and all that will help simplify the aggregated data.The findings need to summarize the results of the study.The final section of a scientific article to be abstract, including the objectives, methods, findings and conclusions of the author.