In preparation of this work is also important to show knowledge of the artwork, which will be discussed, the ability to see relationships and to build on the basis of their logical conclusions.In addition, highly valued knowledge of the theory of literature, for example, the size of poems, prose works of form, features and genre of composition.Undoubtedly, another purpose of writing essays is the demonstration of the level of language proficiency.

stages of preparation required to write an essay correctly

First of all you need to get acquainted with the work of art that you will analyze.Of course, do not always work devoted to literature, then you will need to show only the ability to logically express their thoughts and ideas, as well as demonstrate personal opinion on any issue.

So, after reading a work by selecting the topic for the composition, if they are, should formulate the idea.Of course, the issues stipulated in the text of the proposed topics, but usually it is not an idea that you have to argue.Topic - this is just a trend analysis of the work.The idea - the main idea you want to convey to the reader.

understand the essence, you want to present, it is important to find arguments supporting your opinion.It may be a quote from the text, your personal inferences based on these events, plot twists, the analysis of the product as a whole.

How to write an essay?

should always begin with a description of the topic.That is the first paragraph of his work should be subject to devote the text, bringing the idea to the basic idea.Here it is important to explain the significance of the described issue, why do readers need an answer to it.For example, if you need to analyze any character, his way of example can be collective certain segment of the population era in which the author lived.

voiced theme and the idea works, it should go to the argument.In this part of the paper used quotation demonstrates knowledge of the product, since the analysis is based on case studies, descriptions of the subject collisions and sayings of heroes.The conclusions, of course, have to do yourself.

As a result, the logical exposition you have to come to the answer to the question in the subject works.Actually, the idea of ​​your text is part of the answer, but the work itself - his confirmation.

To properly complete the work necessary to bring not only the basic idea and the logical conclusion of all written, but designate a place of art analyzed in the literature.It is important to explain its significance for the contemporary reader.