you need
  • - Latin textbook;
  • - a glossary of terms and phrases in Latin.
If you want to pass Latin at school or university, choose the material for the course that you have learned.It is desirable that you have all the lectures and tutorials, the teacher who recommended.Beforehand hand over all practical tasks and independent works, which were carried out during the semester.Typically, this may be the job of translation, word formation, inflection of words on cases, etc.
Learn the rules of pronunciation of vowels and consonants, diphthongs, digraph
s and other letter combinations.Do some exercises to decline nouns and adjectives for case, repeat the degrees of comparison of adjectives, verb conjugation, etc.To make it easier to remember grammar rules, to draw an analogy with the Russian language.For example, in Latin, five of cases in Russian - six nouns have three genders (masculine, feminine and neuter), two numbers (singular and plural), as in the Russian language, etc.
Learn phrases in Latin, if your teacher requires it.Try to choose the ones you like the best - so you can easily remember them, for example, Omnia mea mecum porto, which means "All I carry with myself" or Dura lex, sed lex - «severe laws, but it is the law."Also repeat the abbreviations, the knowledge of which will be tested in the exam or offset.Most likely, you will be required from the commonly used expression in speech, as, for example, etc.(et cetera), which means "and so on", "and the like", or QED(Quod Erat Demonstrandum) - «as required."
Do not forget that the order of the date of any examination, including Latin, depends on the teacher.If you can pass such a complicated thing as the Latin language, having set off the "automatic", try to attend all lectures in the discipline to be active in the classroom.Make essay or a report, after discussing the subject with the teacher.You can make a little message about the origin of certain Latin words of the Russian language, for example, the word "information" comes from the Latin word informatio - clarification presentation.