you need
  • - a tutorial that explains the material
Carefully read the tutorial topic to which the task.Typically, in each topic, there are examples of solving problems.Discover each example, and then choose to, without looking at the manual.
Verify that your decision.If you make a mistake, re-choose an example without looking back and consult with an explanation in the textbook.Once the case studies will be fully understood, you will be prepared to meet all the other tasks on the topic.
read carefully the conditions of the problem.Try to draw all that is known.Let your will draft a "cartoon".An illustrative example of the material will help solve the math quickly.
Think that this general problem with the examples that you have already viewed.Finding similar
ities Solve the problem by analogy.He coped with one example, go to the next, until you do all the housework.
If some example can not understand, refer to a mathematical forum for help.Be sure to tell us how you tried to solve the puzzle.And ask experienced people, what's your fault.So you not only get the solution of the problem, but also improve their mathematical level, to continue to do the math yourself.