you need
  • - document on education;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
Decide what would you like to do on the site.Construction jobs very much, it's masons and concrete workers and surveyors and crane operators, and finishers, and engineers, and many others.
construction workers available at the vocational schools.Different regions are called differently - vocational schools, polytechnics and high schools, etc.You can do on the basis of 9 and 11 classes.Entrance examinations in vocational training institutions are not held sufficiently certificate or diploma.List of other documents can be found on the official website of the institution.
master the profession can wo
rk directly in the production.Some of the major construction companies due to shortage of personnel recruited students with no qualifications.Ads are usually published in city newspapers and on the website of the local Employment Center.
Any builder feels a great need for specialists with secondary education.It masters, foremen, technicians, surveyors, etc.Get secondary education can be in the building college.It is such specialties as 270,101 "Architecture" 270802 "Construction and operation of buildings and structures", 270 837 "Construction and operation of urban Railways" 270809 "Manufacturing of non-metallic building products and constructions" and a number of other professions required any serious construction company.Upon completion graduates qualification "technician".On the specialty "Architecture" applicants pass the exam on the image.
become a civil engineer can receive higher education in a university building.Most popular -270,102 specialty "Industrial and civil construction."But in building institutions of higher education can obtain a specialty 270105 "Urban Construction and Management" 270106 "Production of building materials, products and structures" 270 114 "Building Design".At the end awarded the qualification of bachelor's, master's or specialist.For admission, in addition to the document on education, need more certificates of deposit of the unified state exam according to the list specified by the university.