Tip 1: How to pass the exam

There are many ways to pass the exam.By selecting individual methods, you will achieve excellent results and will hand over any object, regardless of its complexity.Knowledge of psychological techniques to help make it not only easy but also elegant.
So, consider the types of training.Decide to start with the degree of importance of the exam, assess your knowledge.If you think that this knowledge will not be useful, evaluations are not a priority, and the need for the submission of a tick, do cribs, and make efforts to explore a different subject.If you go to a diploma, stay clean record book, and the subject itself is very interesting, will be examined in the subject.
methods invented by our forefathers has long modified and abundant variety, creative approach.
Paper - accordion (put in a sleeve pocket and flipping through her hair in a palm finger).Cons: take a long time to compile.Pros: part of the knowledge settles in the head.
Flags - write answers hide in clothes
, sleight of hand and no triples.Cons: difficult to hide, write a lot, suitable if you can use your paper.Pros: they can be used to teach.
Phones - throw off the lectures are expensed ICQ, as you like, the main thing to go unnoticed.Cons: small screen, a complex question not find.Pros: advance tickets thrown off in any volume, compact.
headphones - a wonderful thing!Not seen, not heard, and the ticket is answered.The main advance to find a person who will dictate, to give information to come up with a communication system - it's even fun.Cons: The communication can be interrupted, a teacher with a keen ear to quickly stop all the talk.Cheap pleasure.Pros: adapt himself, to take simple and easy.
printout, this method has gained popularity.Printed lecture fine print is printed on paper and hide in pants, jackets.Cons: pack turns a decent size.You have to remember where is the appropriate response.Pros: It can be clearly seen, it takes a little time.
overweight study of the subject - the path is thorny, complex but guarantees minimum 3 points.
1. At the beginning of the semester to find out the possibility of obtaining a "machine."

2. During the training, try to understand the subject, to understand it.Memorize determine basic rules.

3. Note how the material is better remembered when rewriting, konspektiruete, spoken out loud, listening, reading books, viewing diagrams explain to someone.
Training usually fit into two periods:
For 1 - 3 day - handy when grasp on the fly, the object is not complex, but in the end still remembered only half of the material.

2 - 3 weeks for a day ticket - can be examined in detail each ticket deal, but closer to the delivery of confused thoughts, and return in time for 1 - 3 days.
There are always students who are not prepared at all, but pass on good grades.They have their secrets: they scholars or know how much and speak beautifully, charming, a fellowship, but unobtrusive.To earn such skills need months of training, but nonetheless single out highlights.
neverbalika.Dress nicely, even smells good on you, smile, keep your back straight, head proudly, create the impression of being light and knowledgeable.Refrain from jerks, all - it gives your nervousness, panic will create a bad impression.The teacher will question the independence of the work.
Verbalika.Speak loudly and confidently, without haste.If you read, pause, raise your eyes frequently.The teacher first woman make a relevant compliment.No kidding, do not distract others.With additional questions ask for time to think, you have to remember the lecture.Forgot what they wanted to say, tell me at least something, ask clarifying questions, show that just forgotten, but knowledge is.

Tip 2: How to pass TOEFL

Abbreviation TOEFL stands for «Test of English as a Foreign Language» («Test of English as a Foreign Language").This international exam can be taken in most countries of the world, it allows to evaluate the level of English among those people for whom this is not their native language.
How to pass TOEFL

preparation of materials for the exam involved representatives from Princeton University (New Jersey, USA).Today, you can take the TOEFL in most major cities in Russia (Astrakhan, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Irkutsk, etc.).Examination fee is usually around two hundred dollars (more than the exact price you can find out by contacting the property directly to the center in your city that offers this service).Himself exam consists of four main parts, each of which aims to test the examinee skills in a particular field of knowledge of the English language.The first part of the examination involves checking how well the examinee understands the English language at the hearing and is able to draw conclusions from the information received.You will need to listen to various conversations and give the correct answers to questions that directly relate to the content of the dialogues.To pass this part of the exam well, try to answer all the questions, but do not spend a lot of time on each of them - this part of the exam involves a limited time.The second part of the exam is designed to assess the ability of the examinee to take the texts in English and work with the grammatical structures.The third part evaluates the ability of the examinee to understand the content of short extracts from different texts.To test this skill you will be offered a passage to read, after reading that will have to answer questions regarding its content.To successfully complete this part of the exam, try as much as possible to read the text carefully and answer the questions, remember - better answer at random, than to skip a question.The test result will depend on the amount of data you correct answers.The fourth part of the exam is considered the most difficult - the examinee will need to write a capacious and thoughtful essay on a given topic.In order to achieve a good result and pass TOEFL, you need to give full attention to this task.The writing should be informative, each equipped with compelling justifications set out your ideas.Better to see a list of all the topics that you can offer on the exam.Well Sat is a prerequisite for admission to higher education in the US, getting a job in the United States or of the request for US citizenship.TOEFL score is valid for two years.

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Helpful Hint
Define preferences teacher: love attendance or activity in pairs to agreed with him orfind new solutions to problems, passed the work on time.
If it is not in the mood, do not escalate the situation.
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