you need
  • Reference books, online resources, videos, diligence and desire.
Pick up for itself an auxiliary site if you do not want is to spend money on a tutor or courses.You still need someone to help you to learn the basics.For this purpose, you can refer to many different online resources.It is unlikely that you will find sites for Advanced Study, as virtually all such portals are designed for beginners.
Acquire the necessary literature.On the website you will find an explanation of certain rules, and may even have examples of pronunciation.However, training exercises and other mate
rials for practicing the best available in printed form, to deal with it easier.Moreover, buy a couple of metodichek with various schemes and regulations.This will reduce your time to write these yourself.
Try to find benefits from a CD or DVD materials.The disks are usually many visual resources that help to take the information received from the network and TIR.
Learn how to work with the transcription.Before you learn the rules of spelling and memorizing words is easy to learn to accept the material.To do this, you should be able to correctly read and interpret transcription.
learn by heart the rules.Since you do not have a teacher, if you make a mistake, then you have no one to fix it.Therefore, each and every detail of the exclusion should sit firmly in your mind.For example, in the morning, while I wash and brush your teeth, repeat the rules of reading, or just to count from one to a hundred in Chinese.These small workouts enable to always be on our toes.
Be prepared to put more effort.The difficulty of studying the eastern language in the absence of similarities with the European.Get ready to take a completely new system any understanding of things, and not just learning a new language.Once you cease to be afraid language , come and ease the understanding and development.Until then, the moment will have to work hard.