introspection tutor Start by defining goals and objectives that you put in the course of their work.
next step is to describe the conditions in which you work.

Rate the quality of the material and technical base.Explain whether there is room, the necessary furniture, equipment, facilities, etc.

Describe the level of fullness of information provision.Consider whether a sufficient amount of present necessary and additional manuals, procedure manuals, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Specify which training courses you have completed.Describe when, where and in what form you get them passed, which was issued the document.

If you have developed any programs or techniques, provide information about them.
Describe the educational process that you are organizing.Explain
what you mean by quality processes which ideas to implement it.

Show what means, methods and forms you use to organize educational activities, provision of information and communication.

Explain how you control the quality of the educational process by which we obtain information that students accept and understand you, what interests them.Have it in the form of questioning, testing, external independent review of achievements, etc.
now appreciate the quality of their work.To do this, consider what goals you have achieved, and what is expressed.

Provide evidence of the satisfaction of students and their parents to the organization of educational process, increasing the motivation and the nature of its level.

Attach a list of diplomas, thanks and other awards received by you.

You can add a list of participants and winners of various competitions.
Complete introspection, summarizing the information contained therein.Mark your strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities to improve their operations.Indicate that prevents better work.