you need
  • document on education, employment history of the employee or clean its form, pen, printing organization.
When applying for a job cadre in the pure form of employment record, if the employee has previously not start, on the title page inscribes his name, first name, date and place of birth, in accordancewith an identification document.Along with this information is necessary to fix education specialist.Enter the employee status of education (secondary, vocational, secondary vocational, higher professional education) in accordance with the data of the corresponding document (diploma, certificate).
In accordance with the instructions for maintaining labor records a reference t
o the document do not necessary when an employee goes to work again after training, have never been worked.
If the employee to improve their skills, the personnel necessary to make an entry.She entered along with recordings of the work.Enter the serial number of the record in Arabic numerals, the date of the beginning and end of study.When reporting on the register the name of the institution in which specialists get education .In the grounds, and write the number corresponding to a series of documents (diploma, certificate, etc.).Reassure the paid record seal of the enterprise in which it engages, write position, surname and initials of the responsible person, sign.
When an employee has received, for example, higher education , and presented a diploma on the title page of his labor book in the column on education put a comma after making previous entries, the highest write.Column profession, specialty and separated by commas write the profession who are trained employee.
If the specialist has received the second higher education , the status on the front page are not changed, it is recommended to make only count the profession on the basis of the supporting document upon its presentation.