Classic features head

to basic functions include planning manager.The head is important to understand the purpose of his work, his department, what results he wants to come, and how to achieve it.

organization - not less important function to be performed by the head.It includes the development of the company structure, business plans, providing the company with the necessary resources (staff, materials, raw materials).

Motivation - this feature is the head includes the allocation of responsibilities, encouraging staff to work.

following function manager - coordination.It includes the interconnection of all parts of the organization to help establish various communications between them.These include all kinds of re
ports, meetings, documentation of the movement, establishment of computer communication.

to ensure compliance of the plan, requires monitoring.With this function, the manager can evaluate the results and draw conclusions about what further to do or not to do differently, why there were deviations from the targets.

Classic features are still relevant today, they need to know and perform every leader.But these functions are not enough, as there have been significant changes.On the one hand, we changed the people themselves (they are now more confident, they can very easily change jobs tend to career growth, development), on the other hand, changed the requirements managers to the subordinates (they want their employees were laid to the maximum,the result with each passing day it becomes better than the last).Therefore, in today's world, new functions of the head.

Modern functions of the head

Currently, the important role played by the selection of suitable personnel, capable to show only the best results.

manager must create a conducive working environment that stimulates the movement of workers on the career ladder, in which maximum use of the full potential of employees for the company.

modern manager must strive for personal growth, self-development, because much more interesting, and respectively, longer and more productive to work with the head, which has a lot to learn.

also to act as the Head of teambuilding and reduce staff turnover.