work on the picture - experienced in school practice means "to unleash" language students - giving them the opportunity to bring in their observations, connected to pass them in a word, to make certain generalizations.Painting teacher helps students develop observation - one of the most valuable qualities.It also has a great importance for the expansion and refinement of existing ideas and concepts children, promotes the development of oral and written speech.A good picture promotes the aesthetic education of students, as well as helping in the education of their best moral qualities.

Therefore, the picture sh

ould be used in the work to develop pupils' speech as one of the main links in the classroom reading and lessons of grammar and spelling.

need to use the images in the development of speech to prove it is not necessary.Especially in dire need of them ungraded school.

images Content basically should not deviate from the subject matter of the program for reading and the program of educational work.Subject of pictures should be close and understandable to children.The main place in it must take various examples of socially useful work of children and their rest, and even pictures of a child's life, adventures and pictures on literary themes.

Topics presented in a number of colorful pictures, affect children's emotions and help create not only a clear idea about this or that illustrated facts or events, but also to provoke students' attitudes toward this fact or event, helping to analyze, compare, summarize and define a visionin sequence.

Examining the pictures is reduced to two main points.First, to study the content of the pictures, leaving no outstanding details to accurately determine the plot, and secondly, to make intelligible the creative images.

Convinced that the class should be considered as an image, you can proceed to further work - the oral and then written a story on them.In preparation for the story should definitely ensure that students, at least briefly, describe the situation where the action takes the picture in the picture, and gave a brief description of the heroes of the story.It is necessary to teach children not to deviate from the topic and plan of narrative throughout the presentation.

When working on some lots it is necessary that the children themselves have come up with the missing pictures.Verbally painted imaginative children, they will restore the units in the series will add a picture to the story plan.Sometimes it is advisable to begin work on a picture (on literary topics) by reading the articles, stories, fables and others.

Pictures deepen the impression from reading the work and help realize a brighter image of the product.The teacher, knowing his class, must carefully prepare for the interview at the pictures.We need to think and plan for the conversation and the questions to the students in the analysis of each image.