Provide direct contact with buyers of their goods or consumers of your services.Try yourself as a seller or a wizard, customer service, familiarize themselves with the practical side of your business.You will be able to identify gaps in service and latent needs of consumers, which allow to make the necessary adjustments and take them into account in the marketing strategy of the enterprise.
to calculate in advance the effectiveness of a marketing move.Please rate how much he needs and will allow you to achieve the effect that you are planning.Use them as a promising investment of money, an investment that should pay off over time.
Conduct studies with the staff, moti
vate them to use that marketing strategy that you chose.The end result of all the measures aimed at improving the marketing of your company depends on those who are directly serving your customers and clients.Prevent attempts to take their work in a slipshod manner, such employees can negate all your efforts to improve marketing.Organize courses and familiarize all employees with the methods and techniques that are included in your marketing strategy.Bring to mind the importance of their applications and link them to the welfare of the welfare of the company.
Use the "photo of the day", when the work of each employee will be painted every minute.You will learn how much time one spends in the performance of their direct duties on the necessary interruptions, just wasted.On the last point, you can already begin to improve marketing.
Make a specialized division of the types of products or services provided.This specialization will increase the level of responsibility and professionalism and sellers who serves customers.This in turn allows the increase sales.
Review customer base.To get them interested in cooperation with your company, highlight favorable category, set the part of buyers or customers to preferential or personalized service.This will attract more interested buyers.