you need
  • - phone;
  • - computer;
  • - online.
In the world of finance law works "Time - Money."Therefore, your primary task - to show the client that your proposal is unique and very promising.Only in this case he decides to devote your time and come to the meeting
To schedule an appointment with customer you can call a potential buyer or send him an invitation via e-mail.Each method has its pros and cons.
When you call a client, then, hearing his response, you can adjust your strategy during a call.This increases your chances of getting a positive answer, provided that the client is familiar with you and your products.When alone, your company name in his memory immediately pops up a positive image of a bright and he will come to the meeting .And here is a man who never anything out of your range is not even seen by a phone call to invite more complicated.It is very vague for what he has to postpone everything and go to you.
therefore to invite new customers make better use of the Internet.In the first place, so you can invite no one but a few clients and arrange an appointment extended .Secondly, a person will be able to think more carefully examine your invitation and come back to it later.Third, you can simplify the task of the client specified in the invitation not only the time and place of the meeting, and driving directions, your telephone number and other useful data.
If you decide to invite to the meeting regular customers through phone calls, the pre-think over your conversation.After the obligatory greetings and questions of a general nature (such as your progress? The family? Etc.) Go to the purpose of the call, but do not hurry to reveal all the cards.
often unwilling to go to a meeting , the customer, after hearing the proposal, said: "I'd love to come, but is not available at this time."So first ask your customer what he was doing on a particular day.Making sure that the client is free, you tell him about the subject of your future meetings.
But every buyer in your product attracts a certain set of characteristics.So be sure to please create a notebook in which to celebrate the preferences and desires of your customers.It will significantly increase the efficiency of your work.Indeed, in each case, you will carry no general information, and information that are truly interested in your client.
This principle is maintained in electronic invitations.If you are still few buyers, make each individual invitation allowing for the demand.
Inviting a new customer, please provide basic information on the advantages and benefits of this product predlozheniya.Na initial stages works best to build on, or copy the entire ad, designed for your company's experienced specialists.