you need
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - labor law;
  • - staffing;
  • - internal regulations.
unified forms for removable schedule and work is not available, so the company should itself develop such a document.But it must include the mandatory details.
In the upper left corner is recommended that you complete, the abbreviated name of the enterprise in accordance with the constituent documents or the surname, initials of an individual if the BPA company is a sole proprietorship.Under the name of the company write the document (it should be written in capital letters), and the period (month, year), for which he developed.This is followed by the name of the department to write (structural divisions, services) for
which the schedule is made shift.
Make a table.The first column should contain a sequence number, the second - the employee personal data (name, initials), his post.In the third column enter the personnel number of the employee.Next month shall describe numbers.For each working day to highlight the column.
provided for in the table compiled by reference to the graph of each specialist.When schedule will be fully completed and approved, employees must sign, date.
Determine the number of shifts, which is necessary for the continuity of the production process, as well as the duration of each of them.Calculate the number of employees who must work in a single shift.Prove schedule e workdays for employees, pre-assigning each change of the symbol.
Reassure shift schedule signed by the head of department (with an indication of his personal data, job titles).Allegedly this document the CEO.He should endorse schedule , resolution shall contain the position of the first person, his name, initials, signature, date.
Please note that the schedule shifts need to be in advance, and are familiar with it employees a month before the entry into force of the order of approval of this document.