Tip 1: How to fill ledger labor books

Human Resources enterprise, organization or individual entrepreneur starts a workers employment records or fill existing workers.The pure forms are recorded in the account books accounting forms of employment in the accounting books of the company.Personnel officers should maintain ledger work books and register the document each employee.
you need
  • - employment history of an employee;
  • - forms of documents;
  • - printing enterprise.
At arrival of a new employee director of the company shall issue an order for a job, which is assigned a number, and date of publication.Head introduces worker with the order by hand.
After the issuance of the order cadre records in the workbook employee.It indicates the ordinal number of records in Arabic numerals, the date of hiring.The information about working writes on what position in a structural unit in which the organization adopted the employee.The basis is the recording order on employment, published the first face of the organizatio
n.The bases fit number and date of issuance of the order.
worker losing his work record of the deposit of the employer.Human Resources registers each handed over the work book.To do this in the record book of labor books shall bear the date of filling of work record card, which corresponds to the date of issuance of the order director of the company.Blank ledger labor books approved by the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation on October 10, 2033 for № 69. Personnel wrote full surname, name and patronymic of the employee who has provided work record indicates its series and number written on the title page of the work book.In accordance with the entry in the document information on the employee's personnel officer writes the position for which the employee received, the name of the structural unit and the full name of the company.The appropriate box shall contain the number and date of issuance of the order for a job.
employees of enterprises, in whose custody are employment records, wrote a receipt of the work book.When dismissing an employee must write a receipt for his employment record at hand, the personnel officer indicates the date of receipt of the book, which corresponds to the date of dismissal from the company.

Tip 2: How to fill labor book

Work book - a document which is intended to reflect the work of employees, workers, and seasonal and temporary workers.Maintenance and storage of work books regulated by several regulations.But not all experts for HR departments know how to take notes in the document.The requirements for its completion have to know not only HR but also the owner of the work book in order to avoid problems in retirement.
How to fill labor book
Fill out the first page of the work book.If there is already a record, check them for correctness.

1. Last name, first name fill in accordance with the passport data.

2. Born write Arabic numerals (for example, 19.01.1987).

3. Education and fully enter the words (eg "vocational", "higher professional education").

4. Speciality record in the nominative case, based on the certificate of education (for example, "teacher", "accountant", "Economist").

5. Specify the date of completion of the work book.It should be no later than 5 days from the date of employment.

6. Put your signature legible and decode it next.Make sure that the owner of the books put down your signature to confirm the information that you have specified.

7. Place the seal of the organization (company), but not the personnel department.
Before recording on employment put the stamp of the enterprise with its data and list the them completely.Now fill columns:

1 count - the number of records in order (it is placed in front of the entries received, transfer, dismissal of the employee, not the - the stamp).

Count 2 - recording date in Arabic numerals (it must correspond to the date of admission, transfer, dismissal and the date of drawing up the relevant document (order, decree, etc.), and not the day when you fill in the work book).

3 Count - data on hiring, transfer, dismissal, renaming the department or organization without reductions in accordance with the order, the order (for example, "dismissed due to the expiration of the employment contract, paragraph 2 of Section 77 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation").If an employee is fired, enter his office, sign with decoding and printing organizations.Must necessarily be signed by the holder, which testifies to his acquaintance with the record.

Count 4 - the basis for recording (orders, the general meeting, the minutes), the date in Arabic numerals and number of the document (for example, "Order from 07.05.2011 of №133-s).
In "Details rewardings" only make a record of the state awards and honorary titles in accordance with the orders, as well as awarded with Diploma, badges, diplomas, etc., produced by the organization.In column 3 write down whom, for what merits awarded the employee and the type of award.The remaining columns are filled in the same manner as in the "Information about the work."

Cash prizes are not entered in the work book.
Make entry in the workbook in combination, if the employee so desires.But this can only be done in the personnel department at the main place of work.
1. Do not make a record of employment in the workbook earlier than 5 days after the date of receipt.If during this period the employee has decided to terminate the employment contract, the records should not be.
2. You can not continue recording of the work in the section "Information on rewardings."If the section "Information on paper" has ended, expert in personnel management must execute and sew the liner in the work book.