employment centers and their functions

Employment Center in Russia is a state labor office, a special social institution, to mediate between employers and employees.Employment centers are a database of vacancies of various companies, and a database of candidates.Seeking employment shall have the right to apply to the territorial employment agencies located in their place of residence.To do this, apply in accordance with the model established by the legislation.

to register at the Labour citizen must present a passport, work book, documentation of education and ongoing professional development, information about the average salary (or other taxable income) in the past three months.

Assistance temporarily unemployed

After confirming the authenticity of the documents recogniz
ed as a citizen temporarily unemployed and job seekers entered into the database of a post (to be specified by the applicant or selected experts of the center in accordance with existing education and work experience).

not unemployed are persons who have not attained the age of 16, pensioners, as well as those professionals who have provided false information about themselves.In addition, the employment center may deny a citizen in the provision of services and to exclude it from the database temporarily unemployed for several reasons, for example, in case of failure of the two versions of the work proposed by the staff of the labor exchange, and, if a citizen did not come to the center of employment for selectedfor him to work without a valid reason.

recognized temporarily unemployed registered in the employment center, is entitled to unemployment benefits, the amount of which is set by RF Government Decree № 834. This citizen receives a cash payment each month and as long as there is no confirmed as selectedfor a specialist employment center.When deregistration at the labor exchange allowance citizen stopped.

addition to assisting temporarily unemployed persons employment centers provide support to budding entrepreneurs.Wants to open his own business citizen may apply to the unemployment office and arrange a subsidy provided by the state in the amount of up to 58,800 rubles.