Tip 1: How to make the head of the salary increase

If you ask the employees about how they are satisfied with their salaries, many of them indicated that she did not quite satisfied.If you got the feeling that you should not just sit and wait for guidance guess about discontent is brewing in your mind.This is unlikely to happen.But you can try to make themselves chief salary increase .
wage increase - a fact not only pleasant in itself, it also is a testament to successful development of your career and professional growth.So even if you are quite happy with how much you get, but this amount is not changed for a long time, talk to your supervisor about the increase.Immediately discard in order to motivate the request of some difficulties encountered and their problems.The reason for the increase in wages can only be your professional growth or expansion of the area of ​​responsibility.
For starters consider how you can optimize your work, improve the quality and volume of executed.Make this increase was noticeable, and it wa
s impossible not to pay attention.To work overtime without requiring payment, but fixing the documented facts of its processing.Do not forget to mark in the register.
managers Demonstrate your knowledge and breadth of outlook in matters that do not relate to your immediate jurisdiction, but urgent to your company.Let's see what you are willing to take on additional tasks, and that you are not afraid of responsibility.
not fear mistakes, if you entrusted to you new things.Do not hesitate to consult with more experienced colleagues.Seek the help of a supervisor, you can only be, if you can offer several interesting solutions ready.In this case, you will not be able to demonstrate his ignorance or indecision, and the creativity and competence.
continuously train, learn new techniques and technologies, keep up with innovations in the area in which you work.Do not hesitate to demonstrate their knowledge and preparedness in their expansion.
If you feel ready to to start a conversation about the salary increase, prepare a report or a statement about how you benefit your company, what your work brings a profit.Such a "PR" may also affect the way that the leadership will not refuse you, and raise wages.

Tip 2: How to make everyone love me

People used to live in the community, and like all the others want.Even those who claim that they do not care what other people deep down are extremely upset to learn that they are unloved.Of course, it is impossible to please absolutely everyone.However, if you listen to a number of recommendations, the number of friends can be significantly more.
How to get everyone to love me
To please people, you must first keep in mind the golden rule of communication: it is always perceived by others as would like them to treat you.
Everyone wants to have surrounded more friendly and interesting people.So do not be constantly immersed friends in the maelstrom of their problems and experiences.A little more smile, do not be afraid to make a compliment.Be polite - a impresses most people.
Do not criticize other people.Treat them how to be more tolerant.Remember that there are disadvantages for each.Try not to engage in controversy.If you are asked to voice their own opinions, then to present it as the only right it would be a mistake.Be careful when giving advice.Especially if you are not asked to do so.
in communicating with other people, try to listen more than talk.Be sincere interest in them.Try to arrange to his interlocutor.Speak in a calm voice, avoiding the high tones.

If you're right, not celebration.This can greatly hurt the pride of the other person and cause negative.
To all of you loved, it is necessary to learn to love yourself.
Helpful Hint
Everyone remembers the remarkable Soviet film "The most charming and attractive."References which are in it to girl, it is possible to apply in practice.Small auditory training before going out will feel more confident and attract more admiring glances.
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