documents that govern the calculation of northern allowances

There are a number of documents, which workers of personnel services and accounting guidance for determining the accrual period and the northern allowances.The main include a statement that defines the procedure for the provision of social safety nets for those who work in the Far North and equated to it regions.It was approved by Order of the Ministry of Labor of the RSFSR №2 December 22, 1990.It is used only in the part that does not contradict the laws of today.The order of application is considered in detail clarification, approved by the Ministry of Labor №37 from 16 May 1994.

When calculating the time needed for the calculation of allowances should also be guided by the RF Government Decree №1012 of 17 Octobe
r 1993, taking into account the adjustments that are made to the document based on the determination of the Supreme Court No. KAS04-596 of 23 December 2003year.After joining in 1993, the force of law №4520-1 «On State Guarantees ..." for employees retained seniority, if they had a break and they were leaving the Far North, no matter how long they are absent.According to this law, the experience is not retained, and does not stack only when the employee was fired for the article.

experience required for the calculation of premiums

northern allowance, relying employee depends on his age.It is charged only on the amount that is paid regularly.One-off payment in this case does not bear benefits.Workers older than 30 years spent in the most extreme northern areas of more than 1 year, and those who are under 30 years who have worked less than 1 year, a surcharge of 10% is payable in 6 months.It increases by 10% every six months and the maximum specified level of 100% up to 5 years of the northern experience.

For regions with milder climates, it is charged at a rate of 10% every six months until the moment when it reaches 60%.Thereafter, it increases to 10% per year.Its limit value in this case is limited to 80%.In areas equivalent to the Far North, charge premiums of 10% occurs annually up until it reaches 50%.In the southern regions of North Karelia and the first bonus of 10% you will be credited one year of work, and then it will increase by 10% only once every 2 years until, until it reaches 30%.

For those employees whose age does not exceed 30 years, but who have worked in the northern conditions more than a year, a move allowance is at 10 and 20%, the procedure of calculation and maximum size remain the same as in the previous cases.