Firstly, do not be afraid to object to the Director.He is also a man, like you, and can make mistakes.Remember that the authorities did not respect the insecure subordinates who are not able to express their opinions.Of course, this does not mean that you need to start a dispute on any occasion.
But note that if the situation is tense, head clearly not in the spirit, and not inclined to engage in constructive dialogue, it is best to listen to his opinion, to take note and consider the future, including the preparation of theirobjections.
In the coming days, try to choose a more appropriate time and then have to express their views.Although, if the issue needs to be solved immediately, you h
ave to say anyway.
Remember that you should not mind if your opinion is not supported by any arguments.It is necessary to have a sufficient number of arguments before speaking with the chief.Formulate clearly, what exactly do you disagree, and be sure to offer the best, in your opinion, an option.Can you write a rough plan of the conversation.Business etiquette also requires not talking too much, so try not to go too far from the main theme.You must be as constructive.
Try to restrain their emotions.In a tense situation, remember the rule to ten accounts.Your speech should be confident.Less gesticulate and do not raise the tone of voice.Never interrupt the director, even if you fundamentally disagree with what he says.
Keep such talk face to face.Ask assign you a personal meeting.In no case did not rush into the office alone and do not start a debate in the presence of the rest of the team.
Emphasize that you are acting in the interests of the company.Emphasizes this in the conduct of the conversation.Try to convince the director that your objections are not unfounded.But be prepared for the fact that you can get a waiver.
also take into account the personal characteristics of your head.If a director on any "no" or even reacts painfully does not accept them, change tactics.Vystoyte his speech not in the form of an objection, but in the form of proposals for a particular occasion.Keep the conversation in a positive way.
If you see that your ideas do not find the response of the authorities, but are you sure they are correct, go back to this a little later, when the situation changes or more clearer, giving you additional arguments.